Creativity and upcycling

Wall art at Satchel's
Wall art at Satchel’s

What sparks your creativity?

One source of creativity for me is a visit to Satchel’s Pizza – and, of course, having a Satchel’s pizza.

satchels_tops_decorationsThe wall paintings, the mosaic floor tiles, the hanging decorations are an array of color and pattern. The visual creativity designed by Satchel and his employees promotes my own creative thinking.

Something else I like about Satchel’s is that upcycling abounds. A light ornament is a chandelier of discarded keys. One wall is the nylon stripes from old beach chairs.

Leah with several years worth of collected bottle tops
Leah with several years worth of collected bottle tops

And the festive banners hanging from ceiling and above doorways are plastic bottle caps. Leah is the bottle cap artist, stringing hundreds of bottle caps into patterns of colors and sizes.

At a recent creative lunch at Satchel’s, I was delighted to be able to pass on to Leah a large box of bottle caps I’ve been collecting for the past several years.

Even though most us recycle plastic bottles, those plastic bottle caps typically can’t be recycled because of the plastic used in making the caps. So what a much better use for those bottle caps to go to Leah at Stachel’s rather than to end up in the landfill.

Leah beneath a banner of bottle tops
Leah beneath a banner of bottle tops

That upcycling approach is what I like about many of my wood products. I save branches and trees that otherwise would be firewood or would be disposed of at the biomass plant. From that saved wood, I create flutes, faerie doors, and candle sticks. Be sure to visit my online shop to see my wood creations.

I look forward to my next creative pizza visit to Satchel’s and seeing what Leah has created.