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Upcycled pick from Iced Tea container

Upcycling: Kantele, Ukulele or Guitar picks

My upcycled plastic picks that can be used for kantele, ukulele, or guitar playing received a very positive response at my two recent shows — Art Festival at Thornebrook and the October Gainesville Arts Market at the SoMA Art Media Hub.  Most people thought it an clever upcycling idea. I thought you’d enjoy the video of […]

Leah with several years worth of collected bottle tops

Creativity and upcycling

What sparks your creativity? One source of creativity for me is a visit to Satchel’s Pizza – and, of course, having a Satchel’s pizza. The wall paintings, the mosaic floor tiles, the hanging decorations are an array of color and pattern. The visual creativity designed by Satchel and his employees promotes my own creative thinking. […]