How to set goals when leaping into the New Year

Like many people I no longer make New Year’s resolutions.  But I do set goals for the year.  Do you set goals for the year?

My strategy for goal-setting, taken from my cat, simplifies the process.

Cat patrol on the roof
Cat patrol on the roof

Recently I was able to photograph my cat moving from her lookout on top of the house (yes, the roof) to the nearby palm tree.  She goes up there to check out the neighborhood, assess the expanding squirrel population and, from time to time, look down on me as I work in the backyard.

This particular time when I noticed her on the roof, she told me if I got the camera ready she would tell me when she was going to leave the roof and I could get some great pictures.  I listened.  I got the camera.  And got some great photos.

3 Steps for Setting Goals in 2015

1. Concentrate on your goal.  Keep it simple.  Set a goal that’s big enough.  Then focus and don’t let anything distract you (like someone taking pictures of you).

Concentrate on your goal.
Concentrate on your goal.

2.  Leap.  You just have to go for it and know that you have prepared for this moment as best you can.   Don’t take your eyes off the goal.  Stretch to reach.


3.  Know when you are close enough to your goal and use your landing gear appropriately.  This means, of course, you have kept your landing gear finely tuned (or sharpened) so you can grasp your goal (vs. sail past it at a high speed or hit your head).   You don’t want to be surprised by how fast you might reach your goal.  You need to prepare for the very moment by keeping yourself toned long before you actually take the leap.  Sharpen your landing gear daily.

Grasp your goal
Grasp your goal as you near it.


The pictures say it all.  I’ll paws here and let you digest how relevant this is to setting your goals for 2015.

The best in the New Year to you.




  1. I liked how you wound a story around your cat’s performance. It’s a great leap, but also some good reminders about setting goals. Thanks for sharing here and on TRT.


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