chestnut spoon carved

As I’ve been carving spoons, I’ve been thinking about the family connections connected with large cooking spoons. At the Leesburg Arts Festival, a man stopped to admire my carved spoons. He gathered his family members around him to hear him tell about how his grandparents had a large wooden cooking spoon very similar to one […]


If you have ever had the joy of playing in a flute circle with your Native American style flute, you know the experience is valuable in so many ways. Socially,  you get to meet wonderful people and interesting flutes. All attendees have interesting stories — some as flute players, flute makers, or percussion players.  With every […]

Mulberry carved spoon

A Soothing Spoon. That’s what she was looking for, she told me, as she examined a basket of my hand-carved wood spoons. She was in a meditation class where she was learning to focus. To focus so that all the day’s tasks and concerns could be released – if just for a few minutes. Those […]


Making a family of butternut Native American-style flutes has been a delight. I call the butternut flutes a family because they came from the same slice of wood. Even within the same slice of wood, there are some differences in the coloring and grain. At the Harp Gathering, I sold some of the butternut flutes and […]

Sunset on Cliff Tops

Hiking in the Smokies is a great way to connect with Nature. And it’s important to connect with Nature every so often. Nature calms and heals the stressed soul.  A good 4 mile hike will remind you it’s important to stay in shape. A stunning view can take your breath away and remind you how important […]

Kim Adamson and branch flute

The major theme at the Harp Gathering is sharing our enthusiasm for music. Performers at the concerts demonstrate the wide range of music genres and playing techniques. A highlight was hearing Louise Trotter play. At 92, Louise has been an inspiration to many of the harp players here. She was a guest in their college harp […]

improv at Harp Gathering

Enjoying a session on harp jamming with Lynda Kuckenbrod at the Harp Gathering. It was a lot of fun to join in with my Native American-style flute. (But I couldn’t play my flute and record this video at the same time.) Harp players in the session were surprised by the great musical team the harp […]


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