Please read. It may save us some time if you are contacting me regarding:

1) Purchasing Art: If you are looking to purchase art, then available artwork has a link in the Buy section. I receive many requests from folks who want to do fancy things with checks. I do not accept checks. All transactions are through online merchants who handle the sales for me. Thank you for your interest in buying my art.

2) Purchasing a flute or kantele: I am neither building nor selling flutes or kanteles at this time. Thanks for your interest. .

3) Guest posts: I am not looking for guest posts at this time. Thanks for your interest.

4) The Gainesville Flute Circle: I do not coordinate the flute circle. There is a Facebook Page under the name “Gainesville Native American Style Flute Circle. Search in FB and you’ll get the latest information. Play on!

5) Currently I am not looking for a website redesign. Please don’t try to convince me. Thanks.

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