Beautiful birds at low tide

Low tide provided a real gathering of birds.

First a Reddish Egret captured a shrimp for supper.

Reddish Egret

Second an Ibis flew by. They have curved orange beaks for routing in the bottom of the lake for their supper.

Ibis in flight

Third, a Spoonbill (my favorite) awoke and started thinking about supper. Spoonbills have beautiful pink feathers. Their bills are flat like a spoon.  They put the spoon into the water and shake their heads from side to side to sift out miniature delights for supper.

Roseate Spoonbill

The Snowy Egret has yellow boots. This one’s feathers were splayed to impress nearby females.

Snowy Egret

Only in the winter do you see the White Pelicans in Florida. They’re from Minnesota. Their wings span up to 9 feet. They work as a team to herd fish then scoop them into their giant orange beaks, let the water run out and get a whole fish in one swallow.

White Pelican