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Art –  Watercolor, Pen & Ink; Urban Sketching; Plein Air Acrylics

Blog  – Posts published on a variety of topics from Native American style flute playing to pickleball to spoon carving to my latest paintings and travels.

Contact Me  –  Here is a form which will send me an email. The form protects me from spam.

Gainesville Flute Circle  – The circle meets monthly. Check for updates and days we are meeting.

Pickleball Gainesville – Interested in Pickleball?

WrenSong Native American Style Flutes  – I have been making Native American style flutes for 10 years now.  While I do not make as many, I still fulfill orders and have several flutes in the works.

Online shopping  – If you have queries about items in a blog post or for sale, please use the contact me form.  Or, you can check out what is posted on my Etsy stores.  One is for art and the other is for music ebooks, flutes and kanteles.