Here you will find a range of explorations. Learn how a Native American style flute can enhance your life and decrease your stress level.  Watch as unique jewelry comes from raw wood.

You will also see how Native American style flutes are made.  Sometimes when I make flutes for specific people I photograph them and record the birth of the new creation.  This could happen for you. Watching how a branch  is transformed from something you thought should be burned or thrown away into a flute with a soothing voice can inspire.

Nature provides natural gems such as pearls and sapphires, but what do you call it when an old limb fallen from a tree can provide beautiful wood cabochons featured in a polished necklace?  I’ll share with you the transformation that can occur from seemingly useless wood to striking jewelry.

It has been my past to work with people to assist them to give their best effort and grow their knowledge, skills and talent.  In the past few years, I have also learned how to take wood, transform it and bring its unique voice to become part of your voice and vision.

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