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Turquoise, Water, Sky Videos and Exhibit

Turquoise is symbolic of sky, water, life, prosperity.  It is a fascinating stone and story. Recently I discovered a YouTube series on Turquoise based on the display “Turquoise, Water, Sky : The Stone and its Meaning” running at the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture in New Mexico from April, 2014-May, 2016. The nine videos are […]

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Turquoise: Special feature of Flagstaff gemstone and bead store

What does a Native-American style flute maker from the Southeast do when she sees a store outside of Flagstaff, Arizona, with a “Beads” sign? She stops and goes into the store. Dave’s Beads & More was a great bead store to visit, as it had beads and, as the store name indicates, so much more. […]