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A collection of some of my branch flutes made from dogwood, mulberry, and crepe myrtle.

Driftwood Branch Flute

A piece of driftwood from Port Bruce in Ontario has been transformed into a lovely branch flute. I collected the driftwood several weeks ago and started creating the branch flute one Sunday afternoon. You can watch the transformation process by watching the video. The music on the video is the played on the final driftwood branch flute. […]

Sandhill Cranes

Sandhill Cranes Flying Overhead on a January Day

Whenever the Sandhill Cranes fly overhead, you can hear them. But you can’t always see them. This is what they sounded like on the day that I took these pictures. Since November I have been hearing the cranes with their distinctive call flying high over the yard.  They circle for about 15 minutes, then head in the […]

platter with woodburned sandhill cranes

Sandhill Cranes: Woodburning a Way to Remember

Although the sandhill cranes have not yet migrated to Florida, every once in a while you see a solo bird who never flew back north with the others.  The solitary crane saunters on someone’s front lawn, or is standing forlornly alongside a highway. You won’t be surprised to learn, that I had to woodburn a […]