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Sandhill Cranes

Improvising Strategies for Am Native American Style Flute

The Native American style flute lends itself to improvising.  I remember meeting a man from Jacksonville, Florida who would climb out on his roof after work and decompress by “playing” the skyline.  Depending on where he looked, the skyline was different.  He said he’d never played the same thing twice using this way of improvising […]

Judy, Pat, Jeanne Lyle and Lynn Miller jam on stage at Pickering Creek. Flute Haven 2012.

Musical Improvisation: Just say “Yes, to the Mess”

Jamming. When I was to be an invited flutemaker for Flute Haven in September 2014, I thought about what a great learning experience I had when I attended the Flute Haven Leadership Training. That made me think about jamming. One of our activities during the week was learning to improvise – both how to work […]