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WrenSong Kanteles

The kantele complements the Native American flute wonderfully. These are delightful instruments and easy to learn to play.  They may take some time like the ukulele and Native American style flute to learn to play well. The kanteles I primarily make are 5-string versions.   In 2018, I released a 6-string version but find that […]

Summer Song Sale: Flutes, Kanteles

In the heat of summer, what can cool you immensely is sitting in the air conditioning and playing a soothing musical instrument. During the summer, I am often making instruments and getting ready for my Fall art and craft shows that I travel to.  Some of you have asked why I don’t have more flutes […]

Stephen Foster State Park Craft Rendezvous

I was delighted to share my flutes, kanteles and other wood-crafted items at the Stephen Foster State Park Craft Rendezvous and appreciated the invitation to share my musical instruments. As always, I enjoy sharing the flute journey with those who are discovering the Native American-style flute for the first time. An important part of the […]

Kantele, Flute, Hymn

As a member of the online group FOTMD (Friends of the Mountain Dulcimer) I find such interesting conversations going on.  Recently a group of people in FOTMD started playing the Native American style flute and have been sharing their experiences.  Such positive and energizing experiences are fun to read. One of the members suggested I […]

WrenSong Woods branch flutes

Making Music at Leesburg Art Festival

The Leesburg Art Festival was an enjoyable event and an opportunity for me to share my flutes and kanteles. A great part of the two-day festival was the full-day live music on the stage near my display tent. I could hear flute and drum music all day. I enjoyed meeting members of the Riverwind Flute Circle and performing on […]

Harmonics on a 5 string kantele

Amazing Grace on the 5-string kantele

I was working on preparing materials for my workshop at Flute Haven 2015 on playing the  Native American style flute with the kantele. There are several ways to play flutes with the kantele — all of them beautiful. When I took my lunch break, I decided to see what was on YouTube and discovered a […]

5-string Kantele with turtle pyrography

Playing Native American style Flute with Kantele

People have asked me how I decided to make both Native American style flutes and kanteles.  The answer: these instruments had such appealing sounds that I needed to have one to play myself.  After making one for myself, I needed to share the joy of playing easy-to-learn instruments. The 5-string kantele is considerably easier both to play […]

Gifts and holiday spirit at Winter Gift Fair, Dec. 14

Join me tomorrow — Sunday, Dec. 14 — for Blue Oven Kitchen’s Winter Gift Fair. The event is at the Vine, 627 Main Street, in Gainesville, from 2 to 6 p.m. I’ll be one of the 30 vendors and will have gift items for your holiday shopping or for a special gift for you. To […]

Jamming Together

Flute Haven 2014

Flute Haven 2014 ended September 14. On one hand it seems a while ago but on the other it takes time to drive home, unpack and decompress. The experience of meeting up with old friends and meeting new friends rivals any good workshop experience. With workshops during the day and meeting lots of new people, […]

5 string-sopranino kanteles

Three piccolo kanteles: Friends of the mountain dulcimer

After finishing the three sopranino kanteles, it was time to take their picture.  I always forget this step and before you know it the things I just made are gone and I don’t have a picture to show my work. I dusted off my Appalachian dulcimer and tuned it to DAD; the sopranion kantele tuned […]