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Kim Adamson and branch flute

Theme of Harp Gathering: enthusiasm for music

The major theme at the Harp Gathering is sharing our enthusiasm for music. Performers at the concerts demonstrate the wide range of music genres and playing techniques. A highlight was hearing Louise Trotter play. At 92, Louise has been an inspiration to many of the harp players here. She was a guest in their college harp […]

improv at Harp Gathering

Harp Improvisations

Enjoying a session on harp jamming with Lynda Kuckenbrod at the Harp Gathering. It was a lot of fun to join in with my Native American-style flute. (But I couldn’t play my flute and record this video at the same time.) Harp players in the session were surprised by the great musical team the harp […]

Judy with 2 harps

Harp Gathering 2016

The Harp Gathering, in Archbold, Ohio, is providing me with the opportunity to share my musical instruments and have the joy of hearing how well my WrenSong Native American-style flutes sound when played with the harp. The first night I improvised with two harp players, Suzie and Cathy. We played “Amazing Grace” and “Greensleeves.” This […]