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Crooked branch flute

3 surprises in making branch flutes

What surprises happen in making branch flutes! The surprise of finding the right branch to become a branch flute Although I regularly make branch flutes, usually finding branches for flutes is unexpected. I can be walking on the beach and discover branches washed onto the shore and rescue those branches before they become part of a beach party bonfire. I […]

Vera Shanov plays drum outside while Pat Smith and Marcia Bendo (background) hear the beat and play their flutes in tune with nature.

Flute Haven 2015 Looks to be a good time again!

In Fall 2015, I’m looking forward to attending Flute Haven as one of the Flute makers-in-residence.  It’s always a been a great time with wonderful people.  If you want to know more about it, Clint has put together this video that will tell you all about Flute Haven 2015. https://vimeo.com/121504951

Jamming Together

Flute Haven 2014

Flute Haven 2014 ended September 14. On one hand it seems a while ago but on the other it takes time to drive home, unpack and decompress. The experience of meeting up with old friends and meeting new friends rivals any good workshop experience. With workshops during the day and meeting lots of new people, […]

eNewsletter September 2014

Sending September e-newsletter before Flute Haven

I wanted to send out my September e-newsletter before I was caught up in all the activity of  Flute Haven, Sept. 8-14, in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. As an Invited Flute Maker, I’ll have my flutes and kanteles on sale. I also will be involved with some of the program’s activities. I look forward to seeing […]

News from Judy - July 2014

E-newsletter provides updates on musical activities

I’ve just published my first e-newsletter. I plan to send monthly newsletters to highlight some of my musical instruments and musical activities. You may have already received it in your email. If not, you can click on this link to go to the July newsletter online. If you’d like to subscribe to my e-newsletter, click […]

Judy, Pat, Jeanne Lyle and Lynn Miller jam on stage at Pickering Creek. Flute Haven 2012.

Musical Improvisation: Just say “Yes, to the Mess”

Jamming. When I was to be an invited flutemaker for Flute Haven in September 2014, I thought about what a great learning experience I had when I attended the Flute Haven Leadership Training. That made me think about jamming. One of our activities during the week was learning to improvise – both how to work […]

Marcia & Bette improvise on stage

6 Reasons to attend Flute Haven 2014

I’m attending Flute Haven Native Flute School as an invited flute maker and hope you’ll join me. Flute Haven is held at the National Christian Conference Center in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, Sept. 8-12, 2014. I will be sharing my flutes, kanteles and ocarinas, and will be teaching three classes. • The Joy of Ocarina – Participants […]