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Stephen Foster State Park Craft Rendezvous

I was delighted to share my flutes, kanteles and other wood-crafted items at the Stephen Foster State Park Craft Rendezvous and appreciated the invitation to share my musical instruments. As always, I enjoy sharing the flute journey with those who are discovering the Native American-style flute for the first time. An important part of the […]

Flute Circle Value: Native American Style Flute

If you have ever had the joy of playing in a flute circle with your Native American style flute, you know the experience is valuable in so many ways. Socially,  you get to meet wonderful people and interesting flutes. All attendees have interesting stories — some as flute players, flute makers, or percussion players.  With every […]

Join me for Gainesville Arts Market Earth Day Celebration, April 16

Join me in celebrating the beauty of nature by attending the Gainesville Arts Market Earth Day Celebration, Saturday, April 16, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. My handcrafted work showcases the many ways natural wood can be transformed into musical instruments and other items to help you enjoy a little touch of nature in your […]

Weaving Ash Baskets – Earthskills 2016

I mentioned Earthskills previously.  In 2015 I made a bamboo digeridoo in Fuz Sanderson’s class.  In 2016, I met Barron Brown who led spoon and bowl carving classes. I did not take the “Weaving Baskets from Ash” class in 2016.   I was tempted, but I’m glad I didn’t succumb. Based on a visit to […]

WrenSong Woods branch flutes

Making Music at Leesburg Art Festival

The Leesburg Art Festival was an enjoyable event and an opportunity for me to share my flutes and kanteles. A great part of the two-day festival was the full-day live music on the stage near my display tent. I could hear flute and drum music all day. I enjoyed meeting members of the Riverwind Flute Circle and performing on […]

Thank you for buying at Christmas Craft Festivals

Thanks to those who came by my display at the Glam Craft Festival last Sunday and made a purchase! I really enjoyed jamming with those who bought my handmade flutes or kanteles, as we tried out the instruments. I hope the flute, kantele, candlestick or Faerie Door you purchased adds a bright note to your […]

Luna Moth

Walking Through a Florida Hammock

With the humidity and temperatures of 90 F today, it’s a good thing to save a walk in a hammock until later in the day when it’s cooler.  Of course, mosquitos are out later in the day so bug spray is a necessity. I’ll not explain much, but let the slideshow speak for all that […]

red trillium in Florida hammock

Trillium kurabayashii in Florida? A sign for the New Year?

It’s December 30, 2013 — close enough to the New Year.  With a warm 70F today, we walked one of our favorite hammock hikes in Central Florida.  While there was lots of color in the hammock with lichen, red berries and the green covered ponds at this time of year, we were especially delighted to […]