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Purple Gallinule at Sweetwater Wetlands Park

Quest for the purple gallinule

  Seeing the purple gallinule has been a quest of mine for some time. If you’ve not seen a gallinule, they are quite a visual treat.  With their bright purple-blue, green-turquoise feathers they don’t seem real. They have bright red and yellow beaks with a turquoise head marking. Only once had I seen and photographed […]


Walking La Chua Trail

Walking the La Chua Trail always is a nature treat. The 1.5-mile walk to an observation platform takes you on a path through Paynes Prairie State Park. My most recent visit to La Chua Trail provided a variety of wildlife. Alligators slowly cruised through the waterways or were sunning on the banks — or sometimes were […]

squirrel nest in engine

Squirrels in my car’s engine

As I was cleaning off an old, slow computer, I found some photos that reminded me of my experience with squirrels. About 10 years ago, I was driving home from work and all the lights in my dashboard suddenly started blinking and going rather wild.  I continued the 5 minutes home wondering what was wrong […]

How to set goals when leaping into the New Year

Like many people I no longer make New Year’s resolutions.  But I do set goals for the year.  Do you set goals for the year? My strategy for goal-setting, taken from my cat, simplifies the process. Recently I was able to photograph my cat moving from her lookout on top of the house (yes, the […]

Spanish moss overhanging boardwalk at La Chua Trail

Weaving with Spanish Moss: Tales & Details, Part 2

If you are unfamiliar with the critter that crawled from my Spanish Moss sample, you can read Part 1 here. The story does end as you would expect it — without a glowing review of class decorum .  The principal would return to conduct a another review when there would be no disruptions. Specifically: Everyone would remain at […]

Florida Critter Stories: Desire to Weave Spanish Moss

Spanish Moss — grayish green wisps that drip and sway from trees.  The moss has held me in its spell for some years now.  It is the stuff of movies and wonderful mood photographs. Yet, in some sense is so ethereal no one notices it.  I have my own stories of Spanish Moss. I write […]