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Sandhill Cranes

Sandhill Cranes Flying Overhead on a January Day

Whenever the Sandhill Cranes fly overhead, you can hear them. But you can’t always see them. This is what they sounded like on the day that I took these pictures. Since November I have been hearing the cranes with their distinctive call flying high over the yard.  They circle for about 15 minutes, then head in the […]

platter with woodburned sandhill cranes

Sandhill Cranes: Woodburning a Way to Remember

Although the sandhill cranes have not yet migrated to Florida, every once in a while you see a solo bird who never flew back north with the others.  The solitary crane saunters on someone’s front lawn, or is standing forlornly alongside a highway. You won’t be surprised to learn, that I had to woodburn a […]