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Cherry WrenSong flute with zebra wood bird.

WrenSong flutes en route to Wales

I typically don’t do special orders – unless the situation is unique and intrigues me. Ray from Wales presented one of those intriguing situations. He emailed to say he had found my blog and really wanted to have a WrenSong flute – or two. He had decided that he wanted to learn to play the […]

Spider Songs — adding to the vibrations of Nature

The final stages of making Native American style flutes is to play them for some time in the backyard, to tweak tunings or settings.  Birds often join me and add their songs. The Carolina Wrens especially love to sing along while the mockingbirds perch nearby to listen. Now I’ve learned that spiders are making music, […]

Carolina wren in flight

Carolina Wren Fledgling

The Carolina wren, one of my favorite birds, visits the backyard regularly.  If it doesn’t show up, I entice it with a bit of flute playing in the right key – Am or Bb or high D.  Within five minutes of playing, I am charmed by the Native American flute music and the wren, who […]