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Happy Make Music Day

Happy World Music Day! What a great way to recognize the importance of music and its ability to bring people together. World Music Day (also called Make Music Day) started in 1982 when the Ministry of Culture in France launched the Fête de la Musique (“festival of music”). The event was a day of free, […]

Chestnut branch flute

Chestnut Branch Flutes

Creating a flute from a branch is exciting and rewarding, as I see how the wood guides me and listen to what the flute’s voice will be. Here’s a video with the four Chestnut branch flutes that I just finished making. In the video, I play two of the flutes to let you hear their […]

What’s on my plate? Branch flutes

I have a full plate of flutes with the four little branch flutes I’m working with. They are a delight to work with. Always I enjoy helping tree branches become unique flutes. Working with four flutes from the same tree has advantages. Because they are from the same kind of wood.  After working with one flute, […]

A collection of some of my branch flutes made from dogwood, mulberry, and crepe myrtle.

Driftwood Branch Flute

A piece of driftwood from Port Bruce in Ontario has been transformed into a lovely branch flute. I collected the driftwood several weeks ago and started creating the branch flute one Sunday afternoon. You can watch the transformation process by watching the video. The music on the video is the played on the final driftwood branch flute. […]

Lessons learned from making Branch flutes

I remember very well the first three branch flutes I’ve made.  After that, only selective memory. Sycamore Branch Flute In Oct. 2010 I was out cycling and rode past a team cutting down three significant sycamore trees on the lawn of a local bank.  I stopped and asked if I returned with my car could […]