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The Harp and Native American Style Flute

For the past few years, I’ve been fascinated by the harp. I wondered how would it sound with my WrenSong flutes. I wondered if I could learn to play it. I wondered if I could make one. Finally, there are some answers. The harp and Native American style flute sound beautiful together, but I knew that. […]

Two sizes of kanteles: sopranino and 5-string.

You need a Kantele

The kantele is the Finnish national stringed instrument. Originating from the Baltic Sea area several Mediterranean countries have a variation of the zither-type instrument in form and name. In Russia a gusli; Lithuania a kankle; Estonia a kannel; Latvia a kokle.  Traveling farther away from the Baltic Sea, you have similar instruments from Mongolia (the yatga) and China […]

Finding “My Modern Met”: Flower Arrangements

My mother arranged dried flowers for many years.  As a teenager, I would watch her as she would arrange, rearrange, and then ask me what I thought. At the time, I never knew what I thought.  I couldn’t see the difference between the flower in position A vs. position B. The arrangements were featured at […]