Online, I sell through my  Etsy store.  You can click the link to go to my store or you can go to Etsy and search for WrenSongWoods.

Since I also sell at 7 – 10 art and craft shows a year, you will not always find my Etsy store stocked with the items you might be looking for.  That’s because when I travel to do a show I take a lot of what I have made to sell at the show.  If you saw something in my Etsy store and then it is gone  that means I sold it in a face-to-face show.

Typically, I only ship within the United States — however if you truly want an item contact me and we can discuss the shipping costs and customs procedures.  I have shipped to Canada and Wales without difficulty when folks from those countries have contacted me about purchasing something they saw in my store.

I make a range of wood items (as you can see in the slideshow below).  My primary items are Native American style flutes, kanteles and portable monochords.  However you will see that I also make smaller items such as hand carved spoons and wood knives, art dolls, cats, owls and fairy doors.

I no longer turn French knitters (cork work) although some are pictured below,  And I seldom sit still long enough to make more beaded cabochons (also in photos below).   When I am not creating with wood, I prefer to be playing a flute, ukulele, kantele or mandolin if I am standing or sitting still.  You may understand

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