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It is with great delight I share with you my new-found love of pickleball.

Pickleball Original Artwork

I create artwork around pickleball.  I am a wood artist and a watercolorist (urban sketcher) and acrylic artist.  The art is copyrighted, and often prints are for sale.  Do ask.

At the indoor pickleball court in town, I usually spend 3 mornings/week playing pickleball.

And then there’s time spent reading about strategies, watching tournaments on YT and studying drills and techniques I can practice with friends or against the back wall of the house.

Pickleball Tournaments

pickleball tournament

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Currently I’m looking forward to playing in my fifth tournament.  I’ve just played in Naples, at the “Pickleball Capitol of the World”, an incredible experience.  I read somewhere that everyone should play in a tournament at least once.  Having explored playing in a range of categories, ages and with different partners, I am ready to settle in my appropriate skill level and find a couple of partners in my age bracket to explore further tournaments with.

My first ever tournament (in Alachua) was an incredible learning experience. I’d been playing pickleball about 4 weeks and signed up with a friend I’d just met.

The tournament was so close to where I lived and I wanted to know what tournament play was like.  I am grateful to my first pickleball partner.  She was game to embark on the experience — even though we had little at the time.

Looking for tournaments requires some web sleuthing skills, but I am pleased with what I find on a pickleballtournaments.com. As a new (4 month) member of USAPA, I enjoy reading the Pickleball Magazine and watching for interesting updates.

This page is dedicated collating my blog posts, and updates on pickleball.

Gainesville, FL Pickleball Updates

When I first wanted to play pickleball — and find some people to join — I found it difficult.  I found lots of places listed in my iPhone apps, but who wants to go to a court without knowing there are others there to play.  When I found “pickleball ambassadors” listed on the USAPA website, I emailed about six of them.  I’ve found local people and am enjoying meeting them.

My update (Oct. 2019) was about the new pickleball courts being built at Northside Park in Gainesville. I cannot wait for April or May 2020 when the courts will be completed.

pickleball poses watercolor

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I’d been going to Northside Park using the one marked tennis/pickleball court to practice with friends.  And the two racquetball courts were great to practice my serves — but they have been torn down to make way for 4 new dedicated pickleball courts with observer bleachers. And “enhanced” tennis courts (presumably enhanced means with pickleball court lines also painted on them).  FANTASTIC!

I do hope the Gainesville Sports Commission will set up a cool  tournament to celebrate their grand opening in April 2020!

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