pickleball players watercolor

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It is with great delight I share with you my love of pickleball.

Pickleball Original Artwork

I create artwork around pickleball.  I am a watercolorist (urban sketcher) and acrylic artist.  The art is copyrighted, and often prints are for sale.  Do ask.

At the indoor pickleball court in town, I used to spend 3 mornings/week playing pickleball. COVID-19 has changed that.  I do miss playing pickleball.

There’s time spent reading about strategies, watching tournaments on YT and studying drills and techniques I can practice against the back wall of the house.

Pickleball Tournaments

pickleball tournament

©2019 JudyRobinson

My fifth tournament occurred just before our COVID-19 “stay-at-home” orders for social isolation began. In mixed doubles, my partner and I took “Gold”.  I’m glad to have had the opportunity to play in tournaments.  If I had not started to try to figure out what I’d need to do to play well right from the start, I would never have had these tournament experiences.

I’d read that if you WAIT to get good enough (whatever that is) in pickleball, you might never get around to playing in a tournament.

I’m delighted to have had a fantastic experience when I played in Naples, at the “Pickleball Capitol of the World”.  Everyone should play in a tournament at least once.

My first ever tournament (in Alachua) was an incredible learning experience. I’d been playing pickleball about 4 weeks and signed up with a friend I’d just met.

The tournament was so close to where I lived and I wanted to know what tournament play was like.  I am grateful for Norma, my first pickleball partner.  She was game to embark on the experience — even though we had little at the time.

Gainesville, FL Pickleball Courts

New pickleball courts at Northside Park in Gainesville were to be completed for May 2020.  But COVID-19 has changed that pace.

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