Gainesville Flute Circle

The Gainesville Flute Circle is open
to all community members.

Next Flute Circles will be in March, however it will not be at the library.  You will receive an email from Jim regarding the location for March.  

April Flute Circle:  April 9, 2018,  7 – 8:30 pm Where:  Millhopper Library on 43rd St., Gainesville, FL  — Room B

Other information of interest:


Attendees at Gainesville Flute Circle in December 2017.


If you would like to receive notifications about the Gainesville Flute Circle please contact me via the contact page.

What to bring:
– A Native American style flute
– A spirit of exploration for the music of the flutes
– Rhythm instruments:  shakers, drums, rhythm sticks

The Gainesville Flute Circle meets on the 2nd Monday of the month.

One of the things we focus on in the group is learning to improvise with the flute and the rhythm instruments. Below are three samples of improvisations we did at the Gainesville Flute Circle.  Keep in mind no one quite knew what they were going to play ahead of time. There was no sheet music to follow.

A group of us at Flute Circle walked around in a circle while playing to the rhythm.  Totally improvised. Below.

This next sample includes Jeff on flute, Greg on ukulele  and Judy on the thunder machine.

Below the sample is a fast-paced dance.  Often it is easier to hear the higher pitched flutes at the faster pace and certainly it is easier to play the smaller flutes at a faster pace!

This final sample below is our practice using ostinatos ( a repeated pattern /phrase of music).  You will hear 2 or 3 people playing a pattern together with their flutes on the same key of flute. Two folks are playing percussion (drum and shakir) and the solo flute player improvises and weaves a song.












  1. John Fields · · Reply

    I didn’t know the circle was canceled So I was there.. Still had a good time as a lady showed up with her two girls and I gave them a lesson on how to play the flute and told a couple of native stories.


    1. Good that you were there, then, John. I would encourage you to join the mailing list for the Flute Circle so you can receive updates and announcements about the Flute Circle. The August Flute Circle is also cancelled.


  2. Randy Ricks · · Reply

    Hi, I’m interested in learning more about the Native American flute as well as locating someone for lessons if possible. If you could point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.


    1. Hi Randy, A good start would be to join us at flute circle to meet others. I sent you an email also.


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