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tiny wooden vessel with turquoise beads

Turning, burning and creating at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts

Turning then burning miniature wooden vessels — not to mention turning over lots of ideas — made for a great week of study at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts. My workshop was Woodturning and Pyrography, and my classmates and I spent the week turning miniature hollow wood vessels. First, we made our own small turning […]

wood on display at AAW

Finding Wood for Musical Instruments (& more)

“Where do you get your wood?” That’s a question that I’m often asked, as someone examines a flute I’ve made or emails about a kantele on my blog. The answer is – almost everywhere. A regular source of wood is a combination of stores that sell wood, like Woodcraft or Home Depot. The long planks […]

Turning the Native American style flute

After posting about showing the Bell woodturners how I make the flutes, I thought it a little ironic that I didn’t turn a flute at the woodturning group.  There are, afterall, several steps to making a flute and the turning is only one step, yet perhaps  one of the most fun steps. With my new […]

Table for presentation

How I Make Native American style flutes: Presentation for Bell woodturners

Starting off the New Year, I presented in January to the Bell woodturners group on how I make my Native American style flutes. The flute I make is in the woodland style; it takes several days to make.  So rather than show just the turning part of  flute making, I went through all of the steps […]

Raven gliding over Grand Canyon

Pyrography Tribute to Raven

Before I read about the story in the New York Times, about the Edgar Allen Poe exhibition opening at the Morgan, I had just finished a couple of platters paying a tribute to the clever raven. I wasn’t thinking so much about Edgar Allen Poe’s prophetic, if not morose, raven as much as I was […]