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platter with woodburned sandhill cranes

Sandhill Cranes: Woodburning a Way to Remember

Although the sandhill cranes have not yet migrated to Florida, every once in a while you see a solo bird who never flew back north with the others.  The solitary crane saunters on someone’s front lawn, or is standing forlornly alongside a highway. You won’t be surprised to learn, that I had to woodburn a […]

Raven gliding over Grand Canyon

Pyrography Tribute to Raven

Before I read about the story in the New York Times, about the Edgar Allen Poe exhibition opening at the Morgan, I had just finished a couple of platters paying a tribute to the clever raven. I wasn’t thinking so much about Edgar Allen Poe’s prophetic, if not morose, raven as much as I was […]

Pyrography, Platters, and Boundless Energy

Recently, Jenny and Charlie came to visit. When I spend time with them, I always amazed by their boundless energy and creativity.  Did I say they have an admirable amount of energy? Among the many activities we take on from cycling, disc golf, to eating ice cream and pizza, we usually embark on a creative […]