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Weaving with Spanish Moss: Tales & Details, Part 3

I began my “Weaving with Spanish Moss” blog post series almost three years ago. I’m now writing the promised third part in the three-part series. Weaving with Spanish Moss Part One tells the story of how I became aware of Spanish moss when I was a child as my family traveled to Florida for vacations. My […]

Cherry knitting spools

Corkwork: Revisiting French knitting, Spool Knitting

I just finished a batch of spool knitters in cherry for a customer.  They are so pretty that I need to keep one for myself.  These are probably the most elegant spool knitters I have ever seen.  Solid. Beautiful. Cherry. Wood. Tantalizing grain. Gleaming.  Satin finish.  Oooh. I want one.  And in case you want […]

Earthskills gathering provides insight into basic skills from earlier times

Hand-cutting logs to become beams of a building. Weaving baskets out of palm fronds. Using blacksmithing skills to create a knife. The Florida Earthskills gathering in Hawthorne was a step back in time to remember the many skills that people used to have to create their own homes, food and clothing – without construction companies, […]

Spanish moss overhanging boardwalk at La Chua Trail

Weaving with Spanish Moss: Tales & Details, Part 2

If you are unfamiliar with the critter that crawled from my Spanish Moss sample, you can read Part 1 here. The story does end as you would expect it — without a glowing review of class decorum .  The principal would return to conduct a another review when there would be no disruptions. Specifically: Everyone would remain at […]

Corkwork necklace with big wood beads

Corkwork, Spool Knitting, French Knitting, Lucet … What do you call it? You

When I was a kid we called it “cork work” and I had a kit with a red, yellow and blue spool.  The red spool was long and thin with 4 nails at the top.  The blue spool had eight nails in the top, a very wide hole in the center and took a long […]