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Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain in Florida

The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain is on tour in the United States in April.  They’re headed to Florida. For many years, I have enjoyed what this group of musicians has done for the ukulele.   Particularly when I was first learning the ukulele, they were an inspiration. For a few years, I made cigar […]

Ukulele Solo Book

Several years ago, in a bookstore that no longer exists, I found a wonderful book.  “The Ukulele as a Solo Instrument, C Notation: A Collection of Ukulele Solos” by N.B. Bailey and Keoki E. Awai with its 1916 copyright was an expensive purchase.  But 99 years ago, the book was only $1.00 US. I scanned a few songs from […]

Gainesville Flute Circle

The December meeting of the Gainesville Flute Circle provided us the opportunity to play our Native American-style flutes and get into the holiday spirit by playing some Christmas carols including “I Saw Three Ships” and “Silent Night.” We had fun with flute dialogues and conversations.  We had partners and developed a storyline and then played […]

Purpleheart kantele

Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday special prices on wooden kanteles

Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday provide me with two reasons to offer specials — because I operate a small business that offers online shopping. You can chose from kanteles in my Etsy store. By ordering your kantele now, you will receive the kantele for holiday gift giving or to have it for yourself to play […]

Compare sizes of travel ukulele to sopranino kantele and 5-string larger kantele (left).

Ukulele, Flute, Kantele: Sharing Adolphe Sax’s enthusiasm for making a variety of musical instruments

What fun to be introduced recently to Adolphe Sax, the inventor of the saxophone and the creator of many other musical instruments. I learned of Mr. Sax from a tribute on NPR Morning Edition celebrating him on his 200th birthday. Adolphe Sax didn’t create just one kind of saxophone but a family of saxophones and […]

Easter hymns for ukulele and Native American flute

Easter Hymns for Ukulele & Native American style flute

7 Lively Hymns for Ukulele & Native American Style Flute. With fond memories of singing Easter hymns, I have compiled 7 lively hymns for two instruments: the ukulele and the Native American style flute. The songs are written out using tab, as many of you have told me you can then play the songs immediately […]