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Make playing music part of your 2016

The holidays are a special time of year, and part of what makes the holidays special is the music. Many people are listening to more music and playing and singing more during the holidays than the rest of the year. Think of how music has added to your positive outlook and how playing music or […]

GLAM Craft Show on Dec. 6, 2015 – Join Us!

Find unique handmade gifts for your holiday gift giving at the GLAM Craft Show on Sunday, Dec. 6. Visit my display and try my handcrafted Native American-style flutes and 5-string wooden kanteles. Both instruments are easy to play and can add music to your holiday season — and beyond. When you purchase a kantele, you […]

WrenSong Etsy Store

Special prices for wooden kanteles for Small Business Saturday through Cyber Monday

Take advantage of my holiday shopping specials to purchase a WrenSong kantele. Check my Etsy store  to purchase one of three handcrafted 5-string kanteles that I’ve posted for a special price starting with Small Business Saturday and ending after Cyber Monday. The kantele — similar to but easier to play than the mountain dulcimer — can be […]

Upcycled pick from Iced Tea container

Upcycling: Kantele, Ukulele or Guitar picks

My upcycled plastic picks that can be used for kantele, ukulele, or guitar playing received a very positive response at my two recent shows — Art Festival at Thornebrook and the October Gainesville Arts Market at the SoMA Art Media Hub.  Most people thought it an clever upcycling idea. I thought you’d enjoy the video of […]

Check out arts and crafts and the South Main Street art scene at SoMA, Oct. 16

The SoMA Art Media Hub will be the site of the October Gainesville Arts Market, tomorrow (Saturday, Oct. 16) from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. I’ll be there selling my flutes and kanteles and a collection of my small art pieces that are great for gifts. My colorfully painted stones are just right for helping manage […]

Night Song flutes: Tone, texture & attention to detail

I’ve been exploring the combination of color and texture with the clarity of sound with my Night Song Flutes, which I’ll be selling at the Art Festival at Thornebrook this weekend, Oct. 10-11. Using carvings and pyrography (woodburning), I’ve created the look of hieroglyphics and have added to the look with Tiger Eye and Turquoise stones. […]

Thornebrooke Art Festival poster

Join me for Art Festival at Thornebrook, Oct. 10-11, 2015

Hope you’ll come by to see the display of my handmade musical instruments at the 31st Art Festival at Thornebrook, Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 10-11, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. You can hear the instruments and try them yourself. I’m very pleased to be joining 130 artists for this festival of juried work. My exhibit area […]

Flute Haven 2015

Flute Haven 2015 Concert on YouTube

What fun we had at Flute Haven, performing a live performance on YouTube that you can watch. The concert runs for two hours with a variety of performances — flute solos, groups with flutes and other instruments, a back-to-back flute duet, flute playing with storytelling and poetry reading. I was delighted to play a kantele and […]

Harmonics on a 5 string kantele

Amazing Grace on the 5-string kantele

I was working on preparing materials for my workshop at Flute Haven 2015 on playing the  Native American style flute with the kantele. There are several ways to play flutes with the kantele — all of them beautiful. When I took my lunch break, I decided to see what was on YouTube and discovered a […]

Join me for Indie Craft Show – July 25, 2015

Join me for the Indie Craft Show on Saturday, July 25, at the Holy Trinity Episcopal School in Gainesville, Florida. My handmade wooden flutes and kanteles will be on sale, including some of my special branch flutes. This a great time to purchase musical instruments to enjoy this summer and even begin rehearsing holiday favorites. […]

5-string Kantele with turtle pyrography

Playing Native American style Flute with Kantele

People have asked me how I decided to make both Native American style flutes and kanteles.  The answer: these instruments had such appealing sounds that I needed to have one to play myself.  After making one for myself, I needed to share the joy of playing easy-to-learn instruments. The 5-string kantele is considerably easier both to play […]

Sandhill Cranes

Sandhill Cranes Flying Overhead on a January Day

Whenever the Sandhill Cranes fly overhead, you can hear them. But you can’t always see them. This is what they sounded like on the day that I took these pictures. Since November I have been hearing the cranes with their distinctive call flying high over the yard.  They circle for about 15 minutes, then head in the […]