A couple of years ago, I became smitten by urban sketching. I joined the global urban sketching community.

My preferred mode of drawing was watercolor, pen and ink. But after returning to the Grand Canyon Plein Air event in 2019, I also became intrigued with acrylic and oil painting.  My supersensitive nose has told me to stick with acrylics. I’ve enjoyed what the acrylics are teaching me. The concept of “en plein air” and Alla prima are my preferred modes. But I’ve also discovered painting impasto (with thick paint and a palette knife).

When you are on location and finish a watercolor or acrylic there are magical things that happen. You’ve immersed in your environment; you have created a reflection of the moment, the place, the space, the people.

None of this creating is about redrawing your work later. No, that’s too much like homework and goodness knows, when you get home there is much other work to be done already.

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