Skateboarding in Black & White

Several skateboard parks entice daredevils around this town. My favorite is Possum Creek and that’s where I took my Canon 40mm lens during what I thought was a cool morning. After an hour, it was hot!

Not too many people skated that morning. There was one who was good and willing to be photographed. Indeed he had someone who met him there for precisely that reason — to do a video shoot. They didn’t mind me photographing in black and white while they worked out their video shots.

I witnessed a few rather serious falls and scrapes (that would have ended my skateboarding if I had experienced them) but most skaters got back up and carried on. Most, that is. It did puzzle me why one would skate barefoot. But maybe it’s a thing.

There’s a billboard of Tom Petty who watches the action at the park. Gives new meaning to “Free Falling” for some of the skaters.