Revisiting Barcelona: Fotographîa en blanco y negro

Cyclist by Museu de la Musica, Barcelona

For the past couple of years during the pandemic, I have been painting my memories of Barcelona with oils, watercolors, acrylics.

Now, I am revisiting my color photographs and videos and converting some favorites to black and white street photography.

I do think that writing and speaking “fotographia en blanco y negro” has a far more alluring sound to it than the English version.

Lots of my photos work well as street photography. Perhaps that is because I was so enamored of Barcelona and could not stop taking photos. And I enjoy yet another way to remember it.

One of my favorites in the slideshow below is the one where the word Fuji is reflected in the window of the man selling Iberian ham. Ironic because I was shooting either with my goPro or iPhone and not my Fuji or Canon.

  • Iberian ham for sale