Needle Felting and watching TV

Somehow I read about and became intrigued with needle felting sculpture.

I’ve been looking for something to multi-task on while I watch the upcoming NCAA college football bowl games.

This need to have something to do while watching college football came about because my team is crummy this year. We’re sporadic at best. If I multitask then I can stay calm when we throw interceptions or get yet another holding call.

It’s too messy to oil paint and watch football. What if we actually get a touchdown. My amazement may lead to oil paint splatters everywhere. And really, I need to think while painting.

I once used to carve spoons and other small wooden creatures while watching TV, but even with gloves you get wood chips everywhere and my carving knives are sharp. There is the risk of slicing a finger.

So I ordered a needle felting kit and decided to try watching college basketball while needle felting last weekend. Every beginner video and blog post I read about needle felting warns against watching TV and felting. The sharp needles contain barbs that can hook into your finger. But I wrapped my fingers in lovely thick suede and stabbed the wool and occassionally mistakenly stabbed the supple leather that cradled my fingers.

The result after a game and a half was a cute little cat. Success.

I’m decideing what I’ll make this weekend during the playoff games. Hmmm. Dryer ball. Furry rabit. A few cookie cutter shapes. All to get in shape to make a poseable mouse or cat.

When I look around at the amazing scenes on Instagram with felted poseable mice and other creatures, I’m inspired.

On Instagram take a look at some of the accounts below to see tiny worlds with needle felted creatures and rodents

@maggiemice @woodlandersonline @beaver_suit @myrtle_mouse_and_friends