Art and Uniqueness of Satchel’s

Still life paintings on walls at Satchel's

If you’ve never been to Satchel’s pizza place in Gainesville, you really need to go. If you go right now my work is hanging on the walls. But otherwise, you need to go anytime you are in town.

First the salads and pizzas are great.

And the atmosphere, vibe, ambience — whatever you want to call it — is totally unique and not likely found anywhere else. Really. Anywhere.

When I was there on a Sunday to hang my art, a couple of employees were working on adding mosaic pieces to the restaurant walls.

Satchel himself was there and working on a new table top. The tables are each unique featuring anything from Nancy Drew book covers to a variety of electronics devices through the ages. Like a museum right under your plate.

The wall mosaic art at Satchel’s is bright, festive, ubitquitous and truly engaging. Really a joy to follow the mosaic journey all around the restaurant. I’ve written about the upcycling at Satchel’s previously. Some of the mosaic designs are Satchel’s — some the employees’ designs. It really made me think of all the mosaic pieces in Barcelona — particularly Park Guell where Gaudi was tasked with designing utopia.

The restaurant is festive, eclectic and unmatched. You’re surrounded by stained glass windows, tantalizing icons from the 60s – 90s. And fortunately artwork provided monthly by local artists. I’m always delighted to share my art — whether photographs, cigarbox ukuleles, watercolors, acrylics or oil paintings on Satchel’s walls.

Right now paintings that I created for 7 months in 2022 are hanging on the walls. Smile. One wall is full of still life paintings. Some of my first oil paintings of still life I’ve ever painted. But I loved it.

The other two walls feature abstract paintings that I experimented with. Again some of my first serious abstract paintings. Experiments. Inventions. Explorations. Fun. Some collage/paintings have many layers. The one I remember most is the one with 40 layers on it. I would sand back a layer here or there and add dye or paint or… One painting has so many layers I lost count. But the effect!

So I repeat, if you’re in town, be sure to visit Satchel’s. Order a pie and don’t forget their great salad and enjoy the art. Indoors. Outdoors. Follow the mosaic path. And travel in time…

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  1. Satchel’s is a unique treat and all the more so because of all the art. Judy Robinson’s paintings enhance the walls, just a wonderful part of the place.

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