Deciding what to paint

White turmeric flower

With the end of September looming and the beginning of less than 90F temperatures, I am tending to both the plant nursery and the plants outside. Doing things like chasing pests away from the vegetables outside and spacing the grow lights the right distance from the lettuce seedlings.

Both the white turmeric and the ginger (Zingiber officinale) plants have produced a flower. Delightful. I will paint an oil of at least one of them, but I am still deciding on the composition. So many angles, subtleties and colors. Not to mention the angle of the sun.

In photography, composition makes a world of difference. So too in the world of painting oils. While I am still deciding on which to paint, here are a couple of photographs of the ginger. A morning shot taken around 7am and and an evening photo taken around 8pm the same day.