Ukulele Abstract Art

Layers upon layers in my most recent Abstract Ukulele Art

With great joy I have combined my love of ukulele and music with my painting to create a series of Abstract Ukulele Art. I’ll be releasing more abstract ukulele pieces.

Some of you may know that I used to make cigarbox ukuleles and had two blogs: Ukulele Perspective and Gospel Ukulele. I enjoyed writing tabs for ukulele and figuring out duets with ukulele and Native Amercian style flutes (which I also made).

It’s been a few years. But I left both of those ukulele blogs up because so many people came to visit it. And when I was looking at them, just the other day, an idea came to me. I have some parts of ukuleles remaining that I never turned into completed instruments. So I am infusing ukulele parts into some of my art.

Ukelele Art as “Azalea Tunes”

Abstract Ukulele Art is the new tune. For starters this one is called “Azalea Tunes” and is 12″ x 12″ with a 1″ white edge. It’s ready to hang. Starting October 12, the original piece is available from the walls of Satchel’s Pizza restaurant or as an online print available here. Azalea petals and leaves were used in the making of this piece among other ukulele ephemera.