Abstracting Art

Which way is she going?
Painted with instructions from Judy Wood’s free course. What do you see?

It started with listening to a podcast, “Art Juice” –most entertaining and informative.

Louise and Alice, the hosts, are both contemporary abstract artists in England.

For a year I listened with no intention of painting abstract art. Well, with acrylics that is. I have painted abstractly with watercolors and enjoyed it much.

But recently I was enjoying plein air, still lifes, and painting from Barcelona moments in the newly-formed-during-the-pandemic studio. I was in love with Cobra water-miscible oils.

Power of Podcasts

A stage of abstract painting with collage.

Then Louise and Alice announced Nicholas Wilton’s free week-long course. What harm can there be in trying this out?

I was a bit exhausted from doing a still life painting a day in January for the Strada Easel challenge, so thought this would be easy-going.

It was.

Next I joined Louise’s “Your Art Tribe” to see what that was about. And then Judy Wood’s (New Zealand) “stARTs” for a week.

Needless to say, if you invest in a couple of weeks painting abstracts, it grows your interest. Several of the longer term courses with each of these folk were pricey — especially when, for a fraction of the cost, I had taken plein air courses online that I loved! In 2020 I joined Kathie Odom online and had exposure to many artists attending 2020 Plein Air Live . No, I am not an affiliate.

Painting Time

So here I am a few weeks later. Continuing to paint abstractly. With acrylics. I know where I want to go. Gotta go paint!


  1. Your abstracts are wonderful! It does seem to be a different kind of “working hard” for abstracts, I am finding. Working hard at keeping my patiences for when it is done! LOL

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