My Paintings in Spain

I’m honored and thrilled that two of my paintings are now in Spain to be part of the 90thanniversary celebration of the Funicular Aeri de Montserrat.

The Funicular Aeri de Montserrat is the aerial cable system that transports passengers to Montserrat mountain and the abbey and cathedral.

I’ve had the phenomenal experience of visiting Montserrat twice and riding the Funicular Aeri cable cars (four times). Secured in the cable car with about 25 other passengers (pre-pandemic), I recorded a video of the cable car ride.

It’s been during the months of the pandemic, I’ve relived many great travel experiences through painting. One of the travel experiences I really enjoy painting revolves around time at Montserrat. Reviewing my photographs and then painting some of those images has been a wonderful way to remember my travel experiences and keep joy in the days of pandemic.

Funicular Aeri de Montserrat
Funicular Aeri de Montserrat on its way to the top.

Two of the photos I recently to painted from were of the Funicular Aeri de Montserrat. We had arrived via train from Barcelona, and I took the photos as we were lined up to get our tickets for the cable car trip up the mountain.

One of my paintings was of the bright yellow aerial cable car as it began its ascent up the mountain. The other painting was the view as I stood in line of the Funicular Aeri de Montserrat building.

I posted and tagged my paintings on Instagram and Facebook.

And then, I was contacted by Hector Garcia, the CEO of Funicular Aeri de Montserrat, asking if the paintings were available for purchase.

Wow, was I thrilled!

FedEx delivery

The FedEx delivery truck picked up the paintings and one week later the paintings had arrived safely in Spain.

We agreed on the price for the two paintings, and he set up arrangements for shipping the paintings to Spain.

It would have been amazing to have delivered the paintings in person, but for now I am content adding to my painting skills and remembering the joys of various places I’ve travelled. 

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  1. So happy about this, Judy! Congratulations! With some luck, you might be able to visit your paintings at Montserrat in 2021 or 2022 . . .

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