Painting Florida’s Palm Trees

Each week or so, I try to pick a theme for my painting.  These past couple of weeks, I have been looking at Florida’s palm trees.


I had a couple of cigar box panels made from Honduran and Dominican Republic cedar.  Light. Rather pretty.

So I prepped the panels and then painted palm trees on them.  A final coat of varnish over the acrylic rendered some interesting one of a kind images. This one below starts in auction with a bid of $20 on July 12, 2020.

Palms on Cigarbox panel
Palms on Cigarbox panel

A few of the palms were painted with palette knife — where I learned to make my wrist even more flexible.  The grasses seem so very wild, growing in the heat.

Two Florida Palms
Available for sale – click image to view

And of course, in the early mornings when temperatures are usually somewhat cooler in Florida, you will find the birds.  In this case, the spoonbills and an ibis flying by.

Two Spoonbills & Palm
Available for sale – The auction on Daily Paintworks starts on July 12, 2020