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Palette knife Painting

Painting with acrylics and developing an approach to different subjects has been one way to stay actively learning while spending time in social isolation.

While I have painted with watercolors for two years, acrylic paint behaves so very differently. And painting with the palette knife requires the development of a certain dexterity.

Subject-wise, I’ve focused on painting for contests and online thematic galleries; studied with some wonderful artists via online courses and continue to study color theory and mixing.

One week I painted mountains I’d hiked, another week the backyard, another, pickleball — and of course, my ever-fondly-remembered trips to Barcelona and the Grand Canyon have inspired many a painting.

This week, I’m painting palm trees. A walk around the block serves up several different kinds to study and paint.  Did you know there are 2,500 different species of palm tree?

Last week I painted cats — call them pet portraits — of friends and their pets. This involved studying tips for painting fur, claws, whiskers.  Fortunately, all of my subjects had their claws in.

For future paintings, I’ve amassed a digital purrfolio of friends’ cats. I’m sure I’ll be returning to this winsome subject.   For now, you can see the week’s fur creatures below.

I’d says the eyes have it — but then again — a purring book holder?

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  1. I like the bolder colors of the acrylics and the textures you can get with the palette knife. Your kitty’s portrait is beautiful! Kay

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