Pickleball Fun

pickleballI have become enthralled with a game called Pickleball. Actually, I think I’m addicted. It’s a great workout.

After hiking in the Smokies this past Spring, friend Richard made Pickleball sound pretty interesting. Richard plays Pickleball. So I researched Pickleball by reading books (Gale Leach and Prem Carnot), watching YouTube of the 2019 Pickleball Open, downloading apps on my iPhone and reading blogs and how-to’s online.

Then I found a local group playing indoors (what a difference it makes to play indoors in hot June and July in Florida) and started to work on my muscle memory.  It’s a fast game.

Next thing I know,  I’ve signed up for a tournament and found a partner. We’re going to play in our first tournament this weekend. Wish us luck.

PIckleball is a great workout.  I do yoga, walking, pilates, spin, cycling and hiking but nothing burns as many calories in as short a time as playing Pickleball.

There’s a lot to learn about Pickleball:  what you wear on your feet is very important if you do not wish to invite injury or a fall;  all paddles/racquets are not created equal; the color and weight of the ball makes a difference.  So, with all there is to learn and share you can imagine I’ll be writing more blog posts about Pickleball!

In the meantime, below is an all-about-pickleball video and then a rather funny (but reasonably true) song about pickleball addiction.


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