The art of business cards

I just had new business cards printed.

The process of designing the new cards made we think about the evolution of my business cards and my art endeavors.

When I first began my own business, my focus was on making Native American-style flutes. (I still make those flutes!)

One of my goals was to make flutes that would be easy to play and that would create beautiful music. At art shows and music festivals, I enjoyed watching as people would be drawn to a particular flute to purchase.

Yes, there is relevant information printed on the reverse side.

My business card began as doodling on my iPad while I talked on the phone.

The bright festive look of the doodling then became the concept for my first non-academic business card. My Flute Perspective business card was just what I wanted to convey the delight of playing my flutes.

Six months later, one of my friends who taught design said that the business message conveyed by the card wasn’t clear.

But when people would ask for my card, they’d usually smile and say what a fun design it was. They were people at flute festivals or art festivals where I was selling my flutes or performing. So my customers knew what my business was.

Over time, my flutes and kanteles became WrenSongWoods flutes and kanteles. Part of my woodworking studio is outside, and I would play the flutes as I made them. As I played, wrens would sing with me. So WrenSongWoods became the name of my flutes.

A friend wood burned a wren that I used on my next business card. The card didn’t have as many colors but communicated the essentials and reinforced the name of my business.

My art and business has evolved in the last two years.

I focus on capturing scenes, nature and urban landscapes with watercolor, pen and ink. So I decided I needed new business cards to reflect that.

I’ve enjoyed creating watercolors of all sizes, including Artist Trading Cards (ATC) and realized that ATCs are close to the size of business cards.

So my latest business cards include my contact information on one side and one of my watercolors on the other side.

I decided to select two different watercolors for the cards. It was hard to select which two watercolors would get replicated business card size.

Barcelona has had a lot to do with my growth as an artist. Being in Barcelona – not just reading about it – gave me the opportunity to create art on location and delve into the urban sketching mode.

One of my on-location paintings of the Mediterranean Sea was created while friends and I were eating tapas and enjoying the view of the Mediterranean at an outdoor café.

My business card includes links for people to contact me through my website, Instagram, Facebook page or Etsy.

If you want to watch my art as it is being created on almost a daily basis, follow me on Instagram.

My two Etsy stores display some of my work that is for sale.

One Etsy store is my watercolor, pen and ink work. Included are watercolors in the Urban Sketching genre, abstract watercolors, and landscapes.

The other Etsy store is my wood art, musical instruments and music books.

My website includes posts on how I make my wood art – flutes, carved spoons. The website also lets you see my art inspirations, such as recent hiking and drawing in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.