Ukulele & Native American Style Flute

I am reworking my website and reducing the number of pages dedicated to specific topics.  This blog post was previously a page on the site dedicated to Native American style flute and ukulele music.  I will no longer be creating this particular mode of music but want to leave it available for the many who come to download the pdfs and songs.

Music for the Ukulele is available through my Etsy store.  

If you’d visited GospelUkulele or Ukulele Perspective, I am no longer posting to those blogs. But I have left them up because there are so many followers.  I have linked to some of the music for the ukulele and Native American flute below for the many who have requested that I keep this available.  

Unless otherwise specified all songs are written for Ukulele tuned GCEA and six-hole A minor Native American style flute.

  1. God is Watching You (pdf)
  2. One Small Child (pdf)
  3. Higher Ground (pdf)
  4. How Great is Our God (pdf)
  5. Awesome God (pdf)
  6. El Shaddai (pdf)
  7. Jesus is the Answer (pdf)
  8. Kenny G: The Chanukah Song (pdf)

  9. Wings of a Dove (chords here)
  10. They’ll Know We are Christians (pdf)
  11. I am the Vine (pdf) for Ukulele GCEA and six-hole D minor Native American style flute.

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