Art display at the Vine

Sketch of The Vine Restaurant
Sketch of The Vine Restaurant

I have always enjoyed checking out the art on the walls at a local restaurant The Vine.

Each month a different artist’s work is on display – from acrylic paintings to abstract photography.

I view the art while having lunch — a roasted beet sandwich on The Vine’s wonderful cranberry and walnut bread.  After eating, I typically sketch.

At one lunch, I did a pen, ink and watercolor of Bob making pasta. Teresa, one of the owners, saw my work and asked if I’d like to be Vine’s featured artist one month.

I was delighted to say yes!

Bob making Ravioli at The Vine
Bob making Ravioli at The Vine

My work is on display now through Nov. 25.

I’ll be one of the featured artists on the Gainesville ArtWalk, Friday, Oct. 26, from 7 to 9 p.m.

My art style is inspired by Urban Sketching, which is an international art movement that encourages people to sketch what the places, people, things in a moment of their lives. My work is pen, ink and watercolor.

One wall at Vine of my art has a Florida theme – from a view out the window of a restaurant at Cedar Key to the view of the ocean from the Mucky Duck on Captiva Island.

Barcelona Urban Sketches
Barcelona Urban Sketches over the archway in The Vine

Another section of wall features work with a Barcelona theme, with views of Placa Reial, the Umbrella House on Las Ramblas, and the narrow streets of El Born.  If you’ve read previous posts about my trips to Barcelona, you will understand the need to have sketches of Barcelona in my work!

The sketches range in size from a postcard-size (harkening back to the day of painted and sketched postcards) to larger 18 x 24″ pieces including a wonderful view of architect Mary Colter’s Desert View WatchTower at the Grand Canyon.

I hope you’ll stop by to view my art. If you visit the Vine for Artwalk on Oct. 26, I’ll be there to chat.

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As part of Artwalk, if you purchase a bottle of wine or a couple of beers, Vine will provide you a complementary cheese plate. You can download the Oct_artwalk pdf (38 MB) if you’d like.

You also will be able to enjoy some of the Vine’s yummy organic, non-GMO food, including breads made from freshly milled organic flour, made-in-house pastas and pastries.

The Vine is located at 627 N. Main Street in Gainesville and is open Monday through Saturday. Lunch is served daily from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.  Artwalk is Friday, Oct. 26, 7 – 9pm.