Barcelona Concert: Ala Voronnkova

Ala Voronnkova

Ala Voronnkova

Recently I was blessed with the opportunity to return to Barcelona to bring in the New Year and celebrate the Three Kings festivities. You’ll be reading more posts about this experience and if you missed the posts from my 2017 visit you can read about Barcelona’s intriguing streets, the Gegant giants, a Gamelan musical instrument workshop, the Mediterranean Sea, the Sagrada Familia cathedral, and a general overview of the beauty of Barcelona.

Once again in this visit the time rushed by and we hardly slowed down — although we had vowed we would take it easier — while absorbing the city.

One of the musical joys we encountered was attending a performance by Ala Voronnkova from the Ukraine who moved to Barcelona in 1991.  She performed at the Museu Europeu d’Arte Modern a short walk from our friend’s flat in El Born.

The setting was intimate in the concert hall.  Approximately 30 – 35 people sat at small tables with tea and finger foods. Ala was only a few feet from where we sat.  And after she had played for 20 minutes with sweat streaming down her face, one woman offered the serviette on the table for “Madame to wipe her brow.”

The audience was refreshingly international. Surrounded by columns of stone and great shapes of art, the setting was intriguing and enhanced the whole appreciation.

Her perfomance, you ask?  For me … riveting.







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