Cycling Hawthorne Trail in December

One ride featured cold but beautiful blue skies.

Cycling has always been a favorite outdoor activity of mine.

I had the opportunity to get out on our local Rail Trail, The Gainesville-Hawthorne Rail Trail, twice before the end of 2017.

The first December ride was cold but with beautiful blue Florida skies. The second December ride was warmer but with grey skies and typical Florida humidity.

Hurricane Irma left flooded much of the city and the trail, but the trail itself is now clear of water.  Lots of beautiful views along the side of the trail make it a beautiful trail — particularly with some of the leaves turning.

On the first ride we saw two hawks, wading birds, an armadillo and a deer. Perhaps I spotted a bison or wild horse (you laugh, but I have seen them — you can see my photos here) but it was such a great distance on the prairie, I can’t be sure.  On the second ride, you see the armadillo captured on video below.