Handmade wood holiday gifts

Now is the time to get started on your holiday shopping. I have a number of handcrafted wood items that can help you give special gifts to the special people on your list.

Native American Style Flutes

Give the gift of music with one of my Native American-style flutes. My flutes are designed to be easy to play, especially for people with smaller hands.

Each flute comes with a fleece carry bag and a music book that I’ve created that explains how play the flute and how to care for your flute.

Carved Santa tree ornaments

Each of these Santas is carved and hand painted. Santa can decorate your tree or even be a key fob for the season.


If you’d rather have your Santa or Wizard stand outside his own magical door, I’ve a few shiny wizards carved listed on Etsy.  And one listed here.

Hitty wood dolls

Click on photo to be taken to Etsy listing

So many toys require batteries, computer connection, and multiple-page user manuals. A hand carved wood doll is a delightful change of play. I have carved Hitty dolls that get their size and design from the children’s book “Hitty: The First Hundred Years.”






Lizard & mushroom wall hangings

My  wood lizard plaques can add color and fun to any room.

Santa wood puzzles

Santa wood puzzle by Judy RobinsonOnce upon a time before my weekend shows, I had many of these cute Christmas and Halloween puzzles.  They are like wood greeting cards for adults although the kids seemed to like them too.  Thanks to all of you who purchased one of these.  I am sold out for this season!











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