GFAA Gallery Abstracts Exhibit

GFAA Gallery

When I walked into the reception at the Gainesville Fine Arts Association Gallery, I was taken with the color of the artwork. The gallery’s walls displayed bright, vibrant and colorful art.

"Wood Winds" by Judy Robinson
“Wood Winds” represents several years of my flute making.

I was attending the reception because my wood art was part of the gallery exhibit of “Abstracts.”

The majority of the work was done on canvas. I was delighted to see other mediums, including quilting, copper and wood. Acrylic paint, oils, watercolor and acrylic pours were used in so many interesting ways in the different art.

The gallery was filled with the lively conversation of artists and others who were examining the art and enjoying wine and refreshments.

There was a good turnout. The reception gave me the opportunity to link the artwork with the artists who created it.

I enjoyed talking with people about my two art pieces – “Wood Winds” and “Seeking the Right Angle.”

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The “Abstracts” exhibit is open through Nov. 18. The GFAA Gallery is located at 1314 South Main Street in Gainesville. Gallery hours are Tuesday – Saturday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.