GFAA Call for Abstracts inspired my wood art

The Gainesville Fine Arts Association call for Abstract entries caught my attention.

The category was, I decided, the best category for me to start my wood art expression in a fine arts perspective.

"Wood Winds" - art by Judy Robinson
“Wood Winds” – art by Judy Robinson

The call was for artists to submit two Abstracts for display in the GFAA Gallery, from Oct. 24 to Nov. 18. In addition, each artist contributes an 8″ by 8″ artwork to GFAA for sale in a fundraiser for the organization.

I started the artistic process by reviewing the wood in my studio that I’ve stored for future projects. And I do have quite a bit of wood — from different kinds of trees (from Eastern Cedar to Maple) and of different sizes (from logs to small pieces).

My primary art work in wood is making wood musical instruments — Native American style flutes and wood kanteles.

How could I express myself as a maker of wood musical instruments through the medium of a wood abstract?

The resulting work is “Wood Winds.” The 18″ by 9″ work evolved organically as I realized the potential of several years of flute making to contribute to the Abstract.

My 8″ by 8″ work (the featured image of this post) is “Autumn.”

My three GFAA Abstract works reflect techniques I’ve used in creating musical instruments — carving, turning, pyrography, painting and texturing.

My Abstracts will be on display and sale at my vendor table at the Art Festival at Thornebrook, Oct. 21 and 22. The works will then be on display in the Abstract collection at the GFAA Gallery until Nov. 18.

Update: Autumn Abstract sold





  1. I am impressed by both your presentations. It seem the shadows in your “Wood Winds” give a real suggestion of movement as well as sound. Well done”


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