Seasonal Decorating Wood Puzzles


My new Seasonal Decorating Wood Puzzles were fun to make and can be a fun addition to the holidays for you.

Putting together puzzles has always been an enjoyable challenge for me. As a child, I enjoyed  jigsaw puzzles. Then, I took that getting-everything-to-fit approach to packing a suitcase or the trunk of the car most efficiently. I like to take the time to lay out everything that needs to fit and see how I can optimize the space in the suitcase or trunk – like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. So my Seasonal Decorating Wood Puzzles fulfill that need to get everything to fit – just so.

As well, working with wood is a passion for me, as you know if you read my blog or have purchased any of my wood creations at festivals or my Etsy store. The Seasonal Decorating Wood Puzzles require different tools and different approach to working with wood rather than turning flutes or carving spoons.

When I saw adult wood puzzles in a woodcrafting magazine, I decided that I needed to create my own wood puzzles.

These special puzzles are just right for decorating for Christmas or Halloween in a compact way. You can set up the scene on a tabletop or fireplace mantel. Once the holiday is over, the puzzle can be packed away, with its doors closed, and put on a bookshelf or in a drawer to wait until the next year. I’ve lived in an apartment and know the challenges of limited space for decorating and storage.

The Seasonal Decorating Wood Puzzles are so much more eco-friendly than the plastic to-be-assembed Halloween or Christmas scenes that are meant to be thrown away after one holiday use.

The Seasonal Decorating Wood Puzzles can be a special wood greeting card for a friend or loved one.  I am making a couple now that will be perfect to give to as seasonal gift/cards to friends.

An added bonus to this decorating idea is that you can challenge yourself or others to put the puzzle pieces back into the storage box. The time needed to complete the puzzle can determine who gets another cup of Halloween brew or a Christmas cup of eggnog.

Visit my Etsy store to order Seasonal Decorating Wood Puzzles or you can purchase the Hallowe’en set featured at the end of this blog post.


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