The Changed Nashville

The last musical instrument store of downtown Nashville. Only faded signage remained. The building was gutted and being prepped to be a bar. (Click for larger image).

In May 2017 I was in Nashville, Tennessee, city of country music, to attend the Four Voices Concert.

I  stayed downtown to be able to walk to the Ryman Auditorium for the concert at night.  During the day I looked forward to sauntering into some nearby musical instrument stores.

But I was in for a surprise.  Downtown Nashville had changed.  No musical instrument stores were within a mile of downtown.   That’s when I went online and noted the old news —  Nashville was one of the US fastest growing cities in 2014.

The only musical instrument store I saw downtown was one formerly near the Ryman that was being gutted to be turned into a country music bar.  Made me glad I had stopped in Crossville,TN  to get my Kentucky mandolin.

And we just happened to be there during the Predators vs Penguins Stanley Cup final games.  Alan Jackson was to hold a free concert on Broadway street.

The streets were filled with hockey and country music fans. From the bars lining the downtown streets  a cacophony of loud guitars and drums competing for customers.

The streets were lined with Nashville’s unique visual cacophony.  See for yourself below.

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