La Sagrada Familia Basilica in Barcelona

Of Inspiration there is no shortage in Barcelona.  As you may have read in previous posts. We spent 2 1/2 hours in the Sagrada Familia cathedral one Monday while in Barcelona.  We listened to the audio tape as we toured inside the cathedral.  It explained a lot — the giant pillars in the cathedral designed to look like trees; the many words on one wall reflect the Lord’s Prayer in different languages; the opening at the front of the church is to help us look up.

Gaudi was working on the church, its design, its view and at the end of his life, he was living in the church.  One Sunday as he walked to a church that was holding services (Sagrada Familia was under construction and not holding services) he was hit by a vehicle and killed.  A tragic ending to a man who had interesting visions for architecture.

Since his death, many different artists have contributed to the building of Sagrada Familia and you can see their different styles.  Admittedly I thought some things seemed a bit, well, gaudy.  On four pillars were obelisks depicting four disciples: Mathew, Mark, Luke, John.  But to me, they looked a little garish — like beer bottle tops.  On the steeples outside and far above, if I saw clearly, there were giant grapes hanging from them.

The stained glass windows and their effects were incredible. The light played in the church from cool greens and blues on one side to the orange and yellows in the afternoon.  You will  see my capture of light in the video below.

The cathedral will be completed in 2026 — an amazing thought since it they started building it in 1882.




  1. You would be inspired! Bet you’d like Gaudi’s Guell Park, too. I am inspired by my visit and can’t experiment fast enough to find new avenues in my creating with wood. You’d probably find great inspiration for your own art!


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